Weight loss update March

It's been 2 months since I did the 7 day Jason Vale Diet detox and I have incorporated certain changes which I want to share with you.

Firstly I am 5 feet 3 inches and ahemmm years old!!!! The highest I have ever weighed is 57 kgs ( bad bone crushing heart wrenching breakup )while the lowest grown up weight was 45 kgs ( I was brisk walking 3 times a week and gym-ing around once in two weeks and was in a really happy and positive state)
I weighed 54.8 kgs before starting the program
I started the program on Jan 2013 and I weighed 54.8  kgs
on completing the program I weighed 53.8 kgs. In February I weighed and my current weight on 1st March 2013 is 53. That means I have lost 1.8 kgs in 2 months. This is slow and steady weight loss plus I don't have a lot to lose in terms of weight . I just have to tone up a few areas.

The changes which I have incorporated
I start my day with 2 amla shots ( I can't stand lemon/lime water + honey or aloe vera)
Breakfast is light either a fruit/shake or roti + last nights cooked vegetables or lentils or single toast with little butter/ peanut butter
I have given up tea and coffee and maybe have it once a month.... ( I used to be a heavy black coffee drinker)
Lunch is home made
Snacks is roasted salted peanuts or the smallest bag of potato crisps
Dinner is home made + salads
I still have ice cream and chocolates but not everyday ( I used to eat chocolates everyday... yes every single day.... I even use a Belgium chocolate body scrub which I got in my January Vellvette box here. ) Yes I am crazy about chocolates (dark chocolates /nuts chocolates only )
I am a vegetarian and don't drink milk....(makes me sick) .... I can have ice cream, cheese or curd but little amount at a time
I get really tired after office ( 6 days working sob sob) so I don't feel like exercising that much. I exercise once in two weeks or if I am really lazy then maybe once a month. But then I exercise for 1 hour and usually to online fitness videos on you tube.But that doesn't mean I am not active. Every day I brisk walk 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening from my bus stop to home and once or twice I got down a couple of stops before my stop and walked home. Plus about twice a month during lunch break I walk for around 15 minutes with my office colleagues to go shopping.So I am moderately active.

Sometimes I do meditation or deep breathing in the morning.I never had any problem sleeping. I go to sleep at 11 or 12 and get up at 6.30 am (even on Sundays.....)

You have to modify any fitness/ well being program to suit you and rather than sticking with anything hard and fast try a couple of things and see what suits and gives you the most results plus is sustainable in the long run.

Disclaimer : I am not a health ,fitness or medical professional. Every one's body is different and what works for me may not work for you.


  1. Hey Abha...loved reading this post...even am on a weight loss programme with small changes in my diet and brisk walks twice a day....lets see if i succeed...
    Do drop in by my blog and participate in the ongoing jewellery giveaway....same fab jewellery up for grabs! :)

  2. Thank you for commenting Ruby. You have got the cutest smile. Lets keep our fingers crossed and brisk walk our way to our dream weight. All the best. Thanks for sharing your giveaway. I will surely enter.


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