Saturday, 20 December 2014

Batiste Dry Shampoo

Hair too oily.... double wash with shampoo plus conditioner... wtf how did I end with dry hair which looks like a birds nest with frizzy ends... enter leave on hair conditioners.... Hmmm nice hair so soft and shiny and... wtf.... how did I end up with this oily mess again....uggh.... 

Now I just spritz on some dry shampoo and booyah... not such an oily mess. Getting a decent dry shampoo in India is tough but thank god I got my hands on this batiste dry shampoo on my trip to the UK. I got the mini one and might buy the bigger one once this gets over . I got the version which smells too artificial and the smell lingers for a while so make sure you check and cross check the scent when you buy one.

People use dry shampoo for a variety of reasons... camping, too cold,... to lazy to wash hair... surgery, sickness etc... I use it so that I don't look like I forgot to wash my hair after oiling.

What they say:Batiste dry shampoo instantly refreshes your hair between washes leaving it feeling gorgeously clean and fresh with added body and texture. 

How to use: It is basically an aerosol...( think deodorant spray ) which you spray on your roots and massage. It didn't leave any white residue or powder.

First Pic.... You can see how my battle to tame dry frizzy just washed hair ended them looking too champu (oily)

2nd pic side view of my oily flat hair

3rd Pic... after just one brief spritz with batiste dry shampoo....just one teeny tiny spritz.. I can well imangine the volume you can build with 3-4 spritzes

4th pic to show that there is absolutely no white powder left on your hair.

Ideally you are supposed to give - 4-5 spritzes for fluffly, voluminous hair... I used just one small spritz and it did give is some volume.

I strongly recommend but please ensure you get definite whiff of the variety of scents that they have cause the scent lingers in your hair for a couple of days.  Secondly my honest advice would be to get this beauty on your trip abroad or if you can wheedle somebody into getting a bottle for you .. cause online I have seen this go for as much as Rs 3500 or Rs 4500 which is too high a price to pay for it. So don't buy online. 

P.S Pics taken in natural artificial light or filters.

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Garnier Apricot Pure Active Exfoliating Face Scrub

           Due to dead cells the skin becomes dull and rough so it becomes important to exfoliate regularly either by chemical method (peels, enzymes etc) or by mechanical means (scrubs)

First impression It smells pleasantly of apricots and the smells lingers for a while. The scrub granules provide nice strong exfoliation but be careful not to over exfoliate ,you don't have to slough off all the dead skin at one go.The base of the scrub seemed a little oily for me but it will be a boon for dry skinned gals.  

Since I have oil skin I would use this scrub in winters . With any skin care routine consistency is the key in achieving great results. Based on your skin type exfoliate once or twice in a week.

Product sent by the company. Honest review my own. 

Monday, 8 December 2014

My Zotiqq December Box

An accessory can make or break a look and everyone knows that the easiest way to look put together is to put on a) bright cheery lip b) iron just your bangs if you don't have time to style your hair c) rock a statement piece.

I am reviewing the Zotiqq December box. It is subscription box for jewelry with varied time frame.

I came across this site while browsing through the lovely blog of Lisha of heartbowsmakeup
and loved the pieces featured in a her blog so much that I immediately signed up for a subscription box....( though only for 1 month as I have to go out of town and want to test how this box turns out first). You even have the option of just selecting the pieces you like and order them online. Free shipping and at present they ship only in India.

You get an email when they ship along with the tracking number like most good sites provide nowadays.

They have 3 types of Jewelry Boxes
Must-have’s box: 3 pieces of jewelry each month. Ideally, one neck piece, one set of earrings and one ring/ bracelet. Total worth: Rs. 2000. Subscriptions start from Rs. 1000. ( I bought this one)

Glam box: 4-pieces every month! Ideally, one neck piece, one set of earrings and one ring/ bracelet. Total worth: Rs. 2500. Subscriptions start from Rs. 1200.

Fashionista box: 5 pieces of jewelry each month. Ideally, two neck pieces, one/ two set(s) of earrings and one/ two ring(s)/ bracelet(s). Total worth: Rs. 3000. Subscriptions start from Rs. 1500. Subscription plan: Subscriptions are available from a period of one month, up to a year! You can subscribe one here

The best part about the ZOTIQQ jewelry boxes is that the pieces contained in each box is double the subscription amount so if you pay Rs 1000 for one box you end up getting products worth Rs 2000 which turns out even more affordable if you buy the 3 month plan. They also offer COD which is a boon for first time buyers and deliver pretty much everywhere.

I had subscribed for the December Must-have’s Zotiqq box and paid Rs 1000 for it and shipping was free.
I received one ring, 1 long neck piece, one green suede bracelet and one complimentary red earrings (December special).

Out of these I only love the ring... it is beautiful.. the necklace is so so and doesn't excite me... the suede bracelet looks old and worn out even before wearing . The complimentary red earrings are the copy of the Christian Dior earrings going around which look fabulous on celebrities but when I tried it looked like my ears were swollen.

I paid Rs 1000 for this box in which I liked only one piece of ring which is too costly in my honest opinion. But I will give a try to the other boxes in future and see if I have better luck next time. Also I received a 10% discount code for shopping online from their products but sadly the page only showed limited jewelry items unlike the first time I had logged in. Maybe the good products got sold out so I will try again in a few days and see.

P.S will upload the photos and link to the site of the blogger on whose page I first came across these soon.