Garnier Apricot Pure Active Exfoliating Face Scrub

           Due to dead cells the skin becomes dull and rough so it becomes important to exfoliate regularly either by chemical method (peels, enzymes etc) or by mechanical means (scrubs)

First impression It smells pleasantly of apricots and the smells lingers for a while. The scrub granules provide nice strong exfoliation but be careful not to over exfoliate ,you don't have to slough off all the dead skin at one go.The base of the scrub seemed a little oily for me but it will be a boon for dry skinned gals.  

Since I have oil skin I would use this scrub in winters . With any skin care routine consistency is the key in achieving great results. Based on your skin type exfoliate once or twice in a week.

Product sent by the company. Honest review my own. 


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