Saturday, 23 February 2013

February Vellvette Beauty Box

I got to unwrap my lovely Feb Vellvette box last night when I came home after a long day at the office.It has two full sized products and one sample size product plus a heart shaped red magnet....

When I was a kid my dad was a Captain in merchant navy and one of the many perks apart from travelling the world as a child was that I got to eat more than my share of chocolates ...Lindt ,ferrero rocher,toblerone, the sea horse and shells shaped ones where the proceed from the sales go to saving sea horses, even the odd liqueur chocolates. The kind of chocolates which were the last to go were the mint ones. But I like the mint smell of the Figs and rouge lip balm(Aloe and Mint) which is 100% organic. It gives a pleasant minty, cool fresh feel when you apply to your lips. Sadly the moisturization doesn't last long (compared to Maybelline baby lips which I normally apply). It is said on the package that you can carry it in your purse but don't carry it "khulla". Wrap it somewhere or place it in a pouch cause the lid is not screwable and comes off easy. It is a multi purpose product and I even applied it under my eyes and it gave a pleasant cooling sensation.
I was really excited to get the Figs and rouge lip balm which is actually a multipurpose product which can be used on your face, elbows or any dry part of your body.

The second product is the Purely pro blush in strawberry.It has a nice satin texture and is very easy to apply and blendable. Just be careful and don't apply too much at one go as it has glitter/shimmer.It has a lovely colour and adds a lovely glow and colour to your face like a good blush should !
The last product which I got is Ofra vitamin C cream. I am really happy cause I was planning to get a new vitamin C cream and I got this one. I found it a little too greasy on application but maybe I applied a lot.
Figs and Rouge Aloe and Mint lip balm full size :Rs 695
Purely pro cosmetics -Purely pro blush in strawberry full size :Rs 1650
Sample size of Ofra Vitamin C cream : Now even though it is sample size a little goes a long way as you just need a small amount for your face.
I believe it is total value for money to get all this for Rs 399. ( I got it cheaper cause I had paid for longer duration).

You can subscribe for the lovely Vellvette box here

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Cool and cool charcoal nose strips

If you would rather remove your black heads than read another Valentine’s Day special then this post is for you :)
Ah the joy of having a clean nose !!! It gives me such immense pleasure to see all the gunk stuck on the strip which apparently had been sitting on my nose.I have used this strip twice and am very impressed

I don't have any noticeable blackheads but have a lot of white heads which show on the strip.
It is not at all painful. For the strip to be most effective ensure that you nose is clean and moistened with water. Then remove the strip from the sheet ,place it on your nose and smooth away pressing lightly on your nose. Let it sit for 10- 15 mins and then remove it and admire your shiny pretty clean nose.I had used the ponds strips before and they were very sad. They were so sad that I didn't try any nose strip for a couple of years.
 Product Claim:
• Deep Magnetic Cleansing.
• Contains natural charcoal extract.
• New extra cleansing formula.
• Rapidly removes blackheads, oil and dirt.
• Unclogs pores.
• Instant results by reducing pores visibility.
• Leaves skin soft and refreshed.

Directions : 
They are clearly printed on the box as well as the individual strip package.

1.Wash face to clean it from any lotions or creams.
2. Moist the nose area.
3. Peel strip off from plastic line.
4. Apply the strip on the nose facing the shiny side. (the black side should sit on your face touching your nose skin and the white side should be facing away)
5. Let the strip dry for 10-15 minutes.
6. Peel off the strip from edges pulling it towards the center.

Polyquaternium-11, PVP, Isopropyl Alcohol, Butylene Glycol, Aqua, Silica, Dimethicone, Iron Oxide, Hamamellis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Extract Menthol, Methylparaben, Titanium Dioxide, C177267, Melaleuca Alternifolia (Tea Tree) Leaf Oil.
One strip is priced at Rs 59 (INR 59).
I got a box of 6 strips for Rs 315 (INR 315) from here. So effectively each strip comes to Rs 52.9.

Since I don't have that many blackheads and a few whiteheads I will use maximum two strips a month. So the box of 6 strips will last three -four months.
Gross pictures ahead.... be warned.
I tried to get a decent picture for you but by Sony 12 megapixel camera is sadly very old..... and my phone camera also refused to pick up the picture of the whiteheads.
After using it my nose felt and looked so clean. I followed it up by wiping with a cotton pad soaked in VLCC rose toner.

Product bought by me.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Bebeautiful Winter Goodie Basket

There's nothing like coming home tired after work to see a package for you which you don't remember ordering. First begins the guessing game ... was any online shopping package pending ... no... well my b'days not here..... The senders name was a lady from Hindustan Lever.
I opened the packing to reveal a black box from bebeautiful. is a website created by most trusted names in beauty: Ponds, Dove, Lakme, Sunsilk and Vaseline .You can create an account ,fill in your details and they will guide on different aspects from what kind of makeup you can wear to the kind of clothes look good on your body type. Sometimes they run an offer in which you can get a free gift hamper on registration .
For more tips and tricks regarding makeup, hairstyle etc you can check here
I received a gift hamper from Bebeautiful site. I had registered with this site long time back and I received the following packed in a black box.

Bebeautiful Winter Goodie Basket
Since you have loved Be beautiful by visiting us so often you are a privileged member :)
To help you look gorgeous and beautiful everyday, we have hand picked the finest selection of our winter beauty products just for you!

Pond’s White Beauty Peel-Off Mask (50gms.)
Lakme Peach Milk Moisturizer (60 ml.)
Dove Essential Nourishment Body Lotion (100 ml.) 

The Lakme peach milk moisturizer just smells divine. If Lakme ever come out with a peach milk moisturizer perfume I would buy it. I tried the body shop peach body lotion yesterday and it smells no where as close to or as nice as the lakme peach milk moisturizer. Consistency wise it felt a lot greasy on my oily skin... so I would not put on my face in the morning but more of a night time moisturizer for me or I will start will lesser amount of moisturizer. But it smells so nice that I want to try it as a body lotion too. So fruity and fresh.

The Dove essential nourishment body lotion gets absorbed by skin very easily and my hands felt smooth. It didn't smell like anything.
Pond's white beauty peel off is a peel off mask similar to orange peel off mask except it is white in colour. You have to use it upto three times a week. It will remove dead cells from the surface of the skins.

I am really thankful that I got to try these things to try.
You can register yourself for this on their site here for future giveaways. Don't know if they still have the current giveaway .

*Full size products sent by company through bebeautiful website.

Monday, 4 February 2013

NOTD :French Manicure

This is the first time I have ever tried french manicure on my own and wanted to share the pics with you.In my whole entire life consisting of a zillion years I have got manicure and pedicure from a parlour only twice. Once it was a regular manicure and the second time it was french one. Since then I have always wanted to try French manicure so here it is..... my first attempt.

I started with one coat of Gaits beauty care nail enamel in natural and then coated the tips with Gaits beauty care nail enamel in matte white.Since it was the first time I was painting the tips... it was not as neat as I wanted. Then I placed a Faces Canada nail sticker on one nail and applied the natural shade all over again.

On one nail of the right hand I put Faces Canada 3 D nail art sticker. It was huge. I would have wanted to have more delicate and small design than the one I brought.

First time I was trying French manicure and didn't want to spend a lot on nail polishes and stickers.
Gaits beauty care nail enamel in natural          6ml                      Rs 50
Gaits beauty care nail enamel in matte white   6ml                      Rs 50
Faces Canada 3 D nail art stickers (around 30 stickers)             Rs 79     Rs 59.25

I bought all of these from here. It was a huge haul consisting of face products,nail polishes,etc.

Overall I am very happy with the Gaits beauty care nail enamel in natural and will order if when it runs out. the matte white was a different story... difficult to put, took long to dry. Faces Canada ..not really impressed with the huge stickers want something smaller and more delicate.May try a different design and see.

* All products bought by me.