February Vellvette Beauty Box

I got to unwrap my lovely Feb Vellvette box last night when I came home after a long day at the office.It has two full sized products and one sample size product plus a heart shaped red magnet....

When I was a kid my dad was a Captain in merchant navy and one of the many perks apart from travelling the world as a child was that I got to eat more than my share of chocolates ...Lindt ,ferrero rocher,toblerone, the sea horse and shells shaped ones where the proceed from the sales go to saving sea horses, even the odd liqueur chocolates. The kind of chocolates which were the last to go were the mint ones. But I like the mint smell of the Figs and rouge lip balm(Aloe and Mint) which is 100% organic. It gives a pleasant minty, cool fresh feel when you apply to your lips. Sadly the moisturization doesn't last long (compared to Maybelline baby lips which I normally apply). It is said on the package that you can carry it in your purse but don't carry it "khulla". Wrap it somewhere or place it in a pouch cause the lid is not screwable and comes off easy. It is a multi purpose product and I even applied it under my eyes and it gave a pleasant cooling sensation.
I was really excited to get the Figs and rouge lip balm which is actually a multipurpose product which can be used on your face, elbows or any dry part of your body.

The second product is the Purely pro blush in strawberry.It has a nice satin texture and is very easy to apply and blendable. Just be careful and don't apply too much at one go as it has glitter/shimmer.It has a lovely colour and adds a lovely glow and colour to your face like a good blush should !
The last product which I got is Ofra vitamin C cream. I am really happy cause I was planning to get a new vitamin C cream and I got this one. I found it a little too greasy on application but maybe I applied a lot.
Figs and Rouge Aloe and Mint lip balm full size :Rs 695
Purely pro cosmetics -Purely pro blush in strawberry full size :Rs 1650
Sample size of Ofra Vitamin C cream : Now even though it is sample size a little goes a long way as you just need a small amount for your face.
I believe it is total value for money to get all this for Rs 399. ( I got it cheaper cause I had paid for longer duration).

You can subscribe for the lovely Vellvette box here


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