May Vellvette Beauty Box

Good things really do come in small packages. I just love my May Vellvette box. I received it on the morning of 23rd May before leaving for office. It looks so bountiful and pretty. Like an overflowing box of goodness. This is my favorite box till date. It came with little pot pouri petals sprinkled inside the box.

I was unhappy and disappointed with my April box because even after confirming twice or thrice through facebook they sent only 3 items and forgot to mail my bonus products plus the cards were all wrong which is a major thing for me cause I love reading the product descriptions . They were supposed to send that bonus product in may box but due to some reason they have forgotten to send it this month also … but the Vellvette team has said that they will be dispatching it in around a weeks time.

Coming to the contents of this box

Brocato Curlinterrupted Smoothing and Hydrating treatment kit 100% surfactant free, sulphate free and paraben free hair brand with a keratin treatment.100% organic hair treatment range made in USA. You have to keep the conditioner on for 20 mins so saving it for Sunday hair wash.

Flomar Deluxe Shine Gloss Lipstick D31 Flormar is a part of the French cosmetics group, Yves Rocher. It is supposedly a market leader in Turkey. Flormar’s deluxe shine lipstick is enriched with the goodness of nature and is still the best tool for a shiny and glamorous pout. It is super formula is enriched with the much acclaimed argan oil, vitamin E,Omega 6 and Cacao butter. It is a gorgeous neon pink looking bright colour on the tube which isn’t too bright and gaudy on the lips. It gives a gentle light pink colour and is extremely moisturizing. Sadly the colour payoff isn’t much and the lipstick breaks very easily. Also I wish on the application the colour was a little more bright. But I like this shade.

Tvam Almond and honey scrub and body polisher. The scrub is concentrated with soft almonds, natural honey, aloe vera and rose water. It smells slightly funny but it is a very nice and invigorating scrub. Also there is no product wastage due to any fall outs. It is not very moisturizing so dry skinned girls may have to follow up with moisturizers but I didn’t use any. Very convenient to use.
I have two scrubs courtesy the Vellvette box (Belgian chocolate one from Nyassa) which is more moisturizing and yummy smelling than this one but is little inconvenient to use due to product fallout and the sugar not dissolving easily. I am waiting for a facial scrub now.

MMMM bonus Anna Andre extreme elegance matt foundation – 3002 . It is a waterproof foundation with SPF 15. It smells kinda nice but very chemically and strong. Easy to apply and gives sheer and buildable coverage. Colour wise this matches my skin tone perfectly unlike the Mary Kay eeky sachets (yes sachets for foundation…) which made me look like a red monkey.

 Meiji Amino Collagen 7 day sample pack everyone received it in the March box. You had to sign up to be eligible to receive it in your May box as well. It is not suitable for vegetarians. I am a vegetarian by choice but I take sea cod capsules once in a while.

(Sadly the pending bonus product from April box was still not sent in spite of repeated confirmation)

Update - I was sent the following Clarins sample but without any note or description card so I tweeted them on twitter regarding the description and they sent a description by email.


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