NOTD:Maybelline Colorama Gabrielle

When I was young all I ever wore was either black nail polish or clear nail polish. Now that I am old....errr I find myself gravitating towards dark reds or french manicures.
The shade Gabrielle by Maybelline Colorama is the perfect shade for someone who wants a fuss free red color. This is one colour which is guaranteed to attract attention. Whenever I wear this nail colour I have always been complimented by guys, girls and even by strangers.
Product Information

Make every color wish a reality with our collection of vibrant nail colors.
Express Finish Quick Dry Nail Color – Wet to Set in 40 Seconds
Why you’ll Love It
High-gloss nail color with 5 day wear!
Combine a visually stunning palette of pigments, pearls and glitters
It’s the ultimate accessory that transforms your look from day to night, fun to funky and classic to daring…in a flash!
Directions for Use
1. With one sweep, paint the first line of nail polish up the center of your nail starting from the base to the tip.
2. For the cleanest look, be sure to leave a small space at the base of the nail.
3. Then apply color to the rest of the nail with additional sweeps of polish on each side of the original line.
4. Let your nails dry before applying a second coat.
My take on it :It gives an easy fuss free application which dries fast. Highly recommended. This is a very sophisticated and sexy blood red color and not one of those maroonish red or ox blood red which I can't bring myself to try yet. 
Price:Rs 100 for 8 ml 

Highly recommended


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