My International shopping haul- Emma Hardie and tangle teezer

I feel like I am an expert on online shopping sites. I can talk at lengths about the merits and demerits of a particular site over the other. I can give calculations which product you should buy from which site and when is the best time to buy. But I have always been afraid to buy from international shopping sites. So after weeks of lusting and drooling over my wishlist on the international shopping sites I finally took the plunge and took out my card and shopped from  the feel unique site.

They had a summer discount going on.
I bought only two products which is the lowest number ever of products I have bought from any site but I wanted to see if the products come or not.Whenever I buy online I buy a lot of things at once rather than ordering just a couple at a time (so I feel less guilty about the packaging). 

These need no introduction in the beauty world and have achieved cult status but are difficult to get in India till now.
Emma Hardie Cleansing balm – The original price on the site is GBP 34 and since there was a discount I got it for GBP 28.90

Tangle Teezer- The original price on the site is GBP 10.20  and since there was a discount I got it for GBP 9.18

I made the payment on 7th September . They shipped on 8th September and I received the package on 26th September. The website states that you will receive the product in India in 7 – 18 days.
Payment details

Sub Total 

Now the deducted amount on my card showed Rs 3563 and I had to pay custom charge of Rs 655 so the total cost for the two products with all charges comes to Rs 4218 which is super expensive and  it is still to be seen if the cost is justifiable (b’day is coming in a few months, I deserve a treat since I work so hard, will get Diwali bonus, I want to look preeetyyyyyy )

Good selection of international brands
They have good discounts going on most of the time
Free worldwide shipping
Good customer service (prompt reply to my email queries)

Customs charges
Not all products listed in the site ship to India (eg YSL)
The mini heart attack you  get every day from the day of payment to the day the product arrives at your doorstep
Exchange rates

Check out the site here

If you are lusting after any international product check it out it here if you want it in a jiffy and can’t wait for your next international trip or wait for a relative to get it for you.
I brought the product with my own money.Photos to follow.
Have you ever shopped from any International online shopping site. What was your experience?


  1. hows tangle teezer?? was hoping to get one soon!!

  2. It's very good and useful for detangling and gives a nice massage to the head while brushing. Generally if you have long hair while brushing you tend to hold one end with one hand to avoid pulling...don't need that with it. very gentle and brushes hair without any tugs and very happy with it...just want to see the durability of this one.

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