Love long hair Blind Test

Ever since I was a little girl with short short hair in boy cut and step cut (thanks to Mom!!! ) I would look up at pictures of women with long hair and think one day even I will have hair that long. I sported boy cut well till my 12th standard and I still remember asking the girls in my classes with long hair all sorts of stupid questions.... how long did it take your hair to grow so long…. which oil do you use... which shampoo... etc etc.

Growing long hair is comparatively easier than maintaining long hair that looks healthy, bouncy and beautiful rather than looking like unkept dog hair...

I have near about perfected my routine to keep my hair looking nice and healthy....(Argan oil, mild shampoos, heavy duty conditioners, hair cut from a nice salon once a year....(while I cut my own hair in between the salon visit and sometimes that of my friends too) . I have once cut a colleagues hair (she wanted side swept bangs like mine) in my office cabin but I put my foot down when a friend wanted me to cut her hair for her wedding.

So as I mentioned I more or less have my routine set in place for making my hair look nicer... Only thing which bothers me is the excessive hair loss which I suffer from and any treatment that might help with that is more than welcome.

With that in mind I decided to take part in the love long hair blind test. Follow them on twitter  @LoverofLongHair

My initial reactions
Shampoo: Smells strong and chemically don't like the smell at all...but the smell doesn't linger on after washing. It lathers extremely well (compared to sulphate free shampoos I have used in the past) so I am guessing it is not a sulphate free shampoo. This shampoo would be great for oily or normal hair or when you want to remove product buildup or after oiling hair... NOT great as a conditioning or mild shampoo. Hair loss was same as my other shampoos

Conditioner: Smells nice like some body lotion but still it's a chemical smell (though not as bad as the Toni and Guy daily conditioner which smells horrible... like a vat full of carcinogenic chemicals). It made my hair shiny, silky and extremely soft.. though it is a mild conditioner not like the heavy duty conditioners I generally use for my dry hair. I liked this conditioner and would use it in between my deep conditioning treatments. Though  gals with dry ends might want to put a heavier conditioner at their ends. It doesn't weight the hair down at all. 

Since this is a blind test I do not know the name of the brand or the ingredients in the products. Based on my initial reaction  I would say the shampoo would be good for oily hair but stay away from it if you have dry hair like mine (would be good as a clarifying shampoo though). Conditioner I would definitely purchase. I really liked it as a mild conditioner.

For the life in me I can't rotate the pictures in the blog post. Please let me know how to make it right...
* Product sent by brand after I asked to participate in the blind test. Honest review is my own.


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  2. Thank you Heena for sharing your blog giveaway.. take care.


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