The Nature's Co June Beauty Wish Box

Here are the contents of my June  Nature co box. It came in a nice quilted look red cosmetics bag. Thankfully the bath salt was taped and bubble wrapped to avoid spillage. It is amazing I love the cooling effect of the peppermint bath salt and the smell is so refreshing. 

1) Walnut mint foot scrub 15 ml
2) Almond oatmeal massage oil 15 ml
3) Lemongrass body wash 35 ml
4) Cool cucumber face wash 15 ml
5) Barley volumising hair cleanser 35 ml
6) Peppermint foot soak 15 gm
7) A mini foot file (bonus) which went straight to the bin

There are also card for a complimentary 10 minute facial at any Nature co store and discount card for purchase of any of the products featured in the June Box.

I have tried only the cool cucumber face wash and the Peppermint foot soak. I love the peppermint foot soak and wish the quantity was at least enough for 2-3 uses.
While the cool cucumber face wash smells refreshing I like using my Za face wash better.
The products are Ok to Good but I didn't like the customer service of the Beauty Wish Box from Nature Co at all. Unresponsive and uncooperative My advice would be go to nearby store to purchase the products if you want to give it a try.


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