The Body Shop Haul

Hi...ummm... even though I have more than enough perfume, edts  and body mists to last me a lifetime of heavy use...I still couldn't resist buying one.... um... two... ok ok three of the body shops edts during the ongoing sale. (upto 50% sale).

Price: Rs 895 for 30 ml 
What the company says:
Can’t get enough of Strawberry? Get a fix of your favorite fruity scent in an eau de toilette format.
Eau de toilette
Light and wearable
Sweet, fruity scent
Contains strawberry extract

My experience: It smells absolutely divine, yummy, sweet and fresh. This is my second bottle and highly recommend this one. Earlier it used to cost Rs 795

Price :Rs Rs 895 for 30 ml 
What the company says
 Spritz on this light eau de toilette for deliciously floral-scented skin. Each bottle contains Community Fair Trade honey made from the nectar of wildflowers. - Eau de toilette - Light and wearable - Rich, floral scent

My experience: It smells sweet and flowery.

Price :Rs 895 for 30 ml 
What the company says
Can’t get enough of Satsuma? Get a fix of your favourite zingy scent in an eau de toilette format.
• Eau de toilette
• Light and wearable
• Zingy, energising scent
• Contains satsuma extract

My experience : It smells so fresh like bitter oranges or something. One whiff is enough to awaken your senses.Do try this one as well.

Lasting power: They are EDTs so lasting power is accordingly low.

On the body shop  : Their skincare never did much for me ( have tried the seaweed range, Vit E, Vit C and tea tree range ). I mostly buy their cotton wipes .Do not ever buy the body mists from body shop cause they smell vanishes in a few minutes but I do like their soaps, edts, body butters etc.
Right now the sale is going on so if you buy three edts you get 15% off and 20% off for four. 
So I ended up paying Rs 2282  for 3 bottles and my individual bottle cost came to Rs 760 which is good cause they smell well.... really nice . I highly recommend you give these three a try. Remember that how you want to smell and what kinds of perfumes you like is totally subjective so choose wisely. 
Click here to read about my perfume collection.

All products bought with my own money.


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