My Affordable shopping Haul -Blue Bag wallet and slippers

          I don't understand the concept of affordable skincare... when I am buying any skincare products I care how effective they are rather than how affordable. The case is different with accessories and bags. I get tired of wearing the same bags and jewelry everyday. It is ok if they are gold or diamonds or precious metals but I have seen people buy bad to ok products just cause it is branded. 

Blue and white purse Max
I like carrying big bags to work cause it holds my umbrella, water bottle, lunch box, (no I am not in school or college.... I go to work), parle g biscuits for doggies etc. Plus while at airports the bigger the bag the better to carry my stuff. I love this bright blue and white bag from Max.
Price :Rs 1199.... I paid Rs 700 as there was sale going on

Blue and white wallet Marie Claire
While shopping at Bata for rainy shoes I spotted this bright blue and white striped wallet from at the checkout counter and bought it immediately

I have had 2 wallets nicked  in 4 years of travelling by public transport ... one was a Charles and Keith one and the other was bought from a local store so I didn't want to splurge on a wallet.

Blue slippers with blue flamingo Max Rs 249 (no discount on these)

Overall am happy with my purchase. Will update the price later.


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