My 2014 annual empties

Happy New Year lovelies......It is time for my Annual empties post. Here are all the products I used in 2014 in the hopes of looking prettier .ha ha... I now have a thinner and prettier wallet. I also noticed that every couple of months without fail I buy minimum 1 sunscreen and 1 face wash among other things but no where in the empties in the past several years I have managed to finish even one bottle of each. I have not finished any sunscreen since atleast 3 years.
                                  The round up….

So this year I have emptied 5 big bottles of Nivea deodorant ( my fav and only consisted one),3 perfume bottles,7 toners… I tried experimenting with a few but my favorite is still the gentle, cooling VLCC rose water toner.. the rest were duds (Khadi toner… big disappointment), Aloe veda one was decent and I might repurchase it later ,2 kajal, 2 maybelline baby lips (one of my fav lip balms), 2 vaseline, my ever fav cool and cool charcoal nose strips, nexcare dots (must buy for acne ), 3 perfume bottles, 1 soulflower bath salt,3 cotton pad packets ( two of them being from the body shop) etc.
I have used a variety of wipes. The Body shop vitamin e wipes are not worth purchasing for the price.

The empties post encourages me to use up my old bottles.... ( I am crazy I do not throw stuff till it is empty... I have some umm really old stuff with me... I hate waste)... it also lets me see and assess which products I liked and which weren't worth the money spent. Also it forces me to think do I really need so much stuff to look and feel better. My major empties were as always toners, wipes, deo, hardly any makeup except 2 kajal pencils, 2 lip balms, 1 l'oreal infallible compact ( this particular shade is not available in India... they have darker and warmer shades) .

New year beauty resolution.... buy less and use more of the old products and write monthly empties post. 


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