Fab day with Kama Ayurveda

Hello my lovelies. How's your weekend coming along.Fab bag had organized an event with Kama Ayurveda ,which is one of the leading brands in luxury Ayurveda today (Saturday 13th June 2015 )and here's what was in store for us... at the store... (stupid pun because I am down with fever and it makes me happy.)

First we were taken on a brief tour of the store at Bandra and the sales personnel gave brief introduction about the products and answered our queries related to specific ailments like skin tanning/acne scars etc .

Then there was a small memory game where you had to name the various Kama products kept on a tray and two people who named the products correctly got a Kama goody bag

This was followed by a demonstration on how to make a natural facepack/ scrub

3 tablespoon oats
4 tablespoon honey
cool chamomile tea water (or green tea/ natural tea)
rose water if needed
almond oil if needed
lemon juice to preserve it

You can make this simple and effective facepack and keep in the fridge for upto a week
Then we had starters and brownies.
This was followed by a brief consultation with an ayurvedic skin therapist. I asked her about my acne scars and she prescribed an at home treatment of mixing aloe vera juice plus turmeric and applying only on the spots for 5-10 mins.
You had to pay Rs 500 to register for this event and this amount was refundable else you could choose a kama kit containing rose water, rose jasmine cleanser, rose lip balm, bringadi hair oil . This was a total value for money pack but I didn't opt for it since I already have 2- 3 of the items in the kit.

I already use the following Kama Ayurveda products
1) Mridul face cleanser Rs 425 for 40 gm - It is a powder which to which you add water and apply like a scrub. It is a non foaming natural cleanser ..Kind of like a ubtan for face
2) Kumkumadi beauty fluid - Rs 1890 for 12ml. Super expensive and the brand received a lot of flak recently for suddenly increasing the price of this best seller.A lot of beauty bloggers have blogged about this product which apparently makes your skin glow and shine. It is silicone, paraben , chemical free and was a lot cheaper until recently. I have used it for one week and I like how it makes my skin supple.. hoping the glow and reduction in acne scars will follow shortly.
3) Rose water - Rs 185 for 50 ml
These are these 3 products that I have been trying for a week I would recommend Kumkumadi beauty fluid because it moisturises and I need only one to two drops for my oily skin. It is said to prevent wrinkles and give a beautiful glow to the skin.
I tried a lot of products in the store and out of these I would definitely buy the following
1) Kama hand cream- Rs 645 for 60 gm - I got a small sample of it in the take home bag and really like it
2) Red Sandalwood ayurvedic soap - Rs 475 for 120 gm
Kama ayurveda is a high end luxury ayurveda brand and it is always nice to try good products but no compulsion to break the bank. Go to the store. Try a few products  and see what you like. Many benefits of ayurvedic skincare can be found in your kitchen but once in a while it is nice to indulge yourself.

We got to take home goody bags from Kama ayurveda as well as the fab bag plus eat the brownies... Nothing like brownies on a sick day.Kama Ayurveda goody bag plus oatmeal honey face pack

Fab bag goody bag

Overall a rainy saturday well spent when the other option was lying in bed with fever. Look forward to more events like these organized by the Fab Bag team. In case you were at the event too I was the shy girl in the black top standing in the corner eating the brownies. 


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