Do Meal replacement shakes lead to weight loss? My review of Incredio weighloss shake.

First things first, it doesn't taste like chocolates at all. It is more of a gritty milo/ bournvita kind of a flavor ,so if you are dreaming of a rich dark goey chocolate yumminess - wake up!!!

Drinking this shake will not help you burn fat . It does help plenty to curb emotional / stress /binge eating. It helps you stay full for a longer period of time and therefore you feel less hungry. So the weight loss from this is due to reduction in amount of calories you would consume plus reduced binging or mindless eating of high calorie junk food.

If you are already exercising and eating right then you do not need this shake but I highly recommend it to those who struggle with controlling their eating habits.

I have lost 1.2 kgs in a span of 2 weeks without making any changes to my exercise routine (1 hour brisk walking once/ twice a week)  or other eating habits except replacing one meal a day with this shake.

My weight falls in the normal body weight so I didn’t have much weight to lose, I just wanted some help with getting a flatter stomach.

There are no short cuts to weight loss, fitness and good health. You have to exercise, lead an active lifestyle, meditate and eat right. But a lot of things can aid and assist you in that journey, like listening to good music while running or joining a group activity class if you are an extrovert. ( I personally prefer exercising by jogging or walking by the sea for 1  or 1.5 hours while listening to progressive house music- the high I get from the music and the exercise is just amazing)

I highly recommended this meal replacement shake if you have a slight problem with eating unhealthy or eating when stressed or binging on high calorie junk food. This definitely fills you up for anywhere between 3 to 4 hours.
It is pretty simple to use. Use 2 scoops (40 gm) mix in the shaker provided and have instead of one meal a day ( you can substitute breakfast/ lunch / dinner)
I don't drink milk so I add almond milk, water , coconut milk etc. 

It is not a protein shake per se but a meal replacement shake.
1 serving (40 gm of this powder contains 138.40 calories , 4,6 gm of fiber and  only 14 gm of protein if you use with water and 24 gm of protein if you add milk. It contains 13.80 gms of sugar which I believe is too much cause any which ways it does not taste good.

Leaves you feeling full for 3 to 5 hours 
Curbs mindless eating and hunger pangs
It leads to a flatter stomach as it gives rest to your digestive system and reduces bloating.
You tend to chew your solid food longer
Convenience and ease of use

Bitter after taste
Added fructose and other sugars
Contains Soy and Whey
No vegan option
Limited flavour options
A little chalky (but frankly I don’t mind it that much)

Rs 1150 for 0.5 kgs
I got it from healthkart for Rs 863 for and the shaker was free.

Will I buy it again? I already bought the mango variant to try another flavour. It just smells of yummy mangoes but doesn’t taste good. Plus it has more calories and sugars than the chocolate variant.

I would suggest that you mix the powder first in a small amount of water in a glass and then add the liquid of your choice and pour it in the shaker to avoid clumps.
The shaker is of 700 ml and while I used to chomp down my breakfast in 5 or 10 mins flat it now takes me around 1 hour to finish 700 ml of this shake cause just a few sips do make you feel fuller. The shaker is sturdy, leak proof and easy to carry for your work commute/ gym.

Also I have noticed that while eating other solid meals I tend to chew longer and eat mindfully and that has definitely helped with feeling satiated and in better digestion.
The best thing about the shake is that it has done away with the gnawing hunger pangs and midnight cravings.


  1. I am extremely impressed along with your writing abilities, Thanks for this great share.

    1. Thank you. A workout routine along with proper wholesome nutritious meals is a must for achieving any fitness goal, but protein powders and meal replacement do come in handy. Take Care.


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