My 2017 Cosmetic Empties!

Hello my lovelies. Hope everyone is all set with their plans for New Year Eve party or you are ready with your favourite book, music and hot cup of cocoa to usher in the New Year.

Here are the pictures of my cosmetic empties for the year 2017!

My favorite body wash got over the purple olay body wash ribbons. I can't even count the number of bottles of this product I have used over several years. I can't find it anywhere except online at astronomical prices. 

I also tried a few sheet masks this year.

My beauty resolution for the year 2018 would be to use more of natural products, oils, essential oils etc and try to finish my existing stash before rushing to buy the shiny new things on sale.

My Emma Hardie cleansing balm finally got over. I didn't like it as much as I thought I would and woudn't buy it again. Coconut oil or almond oil works as well for a fraction of the price. The Kama kumkumadi oil did nothing for my skin as well.

The products I would reuse and rebuy are charcoal nose strips, I love a clean nose !Rosemary essential oil, Rose water, The Body shop Satsuma edt. I love how fresh it smells.


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