My current perfume collection

It's been a long long time since I posted .... sorry... work and other distractions.
This is my perfume collection. Most of the items have been bought by me and the others have been gifted by friends and relatives. Just a whiff of your favorite perfume is enough to brighten your day.

 No look is complete without a spray or two (or more ) of my favorite perfume. The EDP are strong enough to last throughout the day and sometimes the smell lingers on clothes for a few days more but I usually reapply them in the afternoon solely cause my nose has become so accustomed to them that I can’t smell 
them on me in the afternoon.

I have Christian Dior, Issey Miyake, Salvatore Ferragamo, Calvin Klein, Kenzo etc in my perfume collection. Ahh… wish the same translated to my wardrobe as well.

Out of these the ones which I am on my second or third bottle are  
DKNY Red Apple and Tommy Girl
And I also plan to buy more perfumes from the body shop as am currently loving the strawberry one  and the Issey Miyake one is just divine. The staying power is not that great on the Body shop edts and edps. I also have the lily of the valley one which I had originally bought as a gift for a friend but instead gave her something else cause of the low staying power on that one. The bottle of the lily fragrance is pretty but frankly I don’t like the perfume that much.
So which are the perfumes you find yourself reaching out for more than the others.

P. S The samples that you get when you buy perfumes are great for carrying in your purse.


  1. Hello honey!
    I followed your blog via bloglovin. Really love it!
    Can you follow me back?

  2. Thanks dear .... am following you on bloglovin.....I just love how pretty and sun kissed your hair looks in the preparation for tomorrow post...and you look amazing in the Ralph Lauren sweater in your we become that post....

  3. Literally just did a post just like this. Lovely perfume collection, Kenzo Flower is such a nice fragrance! You should try Valentina by Valentino - it's really feminine and fresh, like the fragrances you have and the bottle is so pretty!!

    Lottie x

  4. Hi Charlotte... thanks for stopping by....will definitely try Valentina by Valentino... I loveeeee Dean Koontz too.... the bad place, watchers... lots of good books... try E.A Poe and Carl Hiasen (especially sick puppy) ... you might like it.


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