My The Nature's Co May Beauty Wish box

Here I am back with another box opening. Even though I was more than happy with the Velvette box/ bag... now known as the Fab bag. I wanted a beauty box with more pamper/ bath products rather than makeup products.

They ship by end of the month no matter when you make the payment and shipping is not free. I tried getting free shipping by adding more products to my basket but it ended up increasing the shipping and handling charges.

I received my box on the 22nd of May. The theme for May was post holiday blues and I got my samples enclosed in a cardboard house 

Payment details

Product Name
3 Months Subscription(MAY- POST HOLIDAY BLUES)
Rs. 1645
Rs. 1645
Spearmint Body Wash
Rs. 485
Rs. 485

Rs. 2130 
Order Discount: 
Rs. 0.00 
Shipping & Handling: 
Rs. 164 
Order Total: 
Rs. 2294 
Coming to the contents 

Marigold hair cleanser
Marigold Conditioner
Sunflower shower gel
Tangerine Body lotion
Cinnamon bath salt
Aloe after sun gel
Corn exfoliating mask/ scrub

Whoever was in charge or securing the lid of the cinnamon bath salts... I have two words for them .... Screw You .. Would it have hurt to tightly secure the lid and put some tape on it.... it was a huge mess spilling all over the... The pathetic mess is simply not acceptable since they are just shipping form Mumbai. Another thing Nature co.... why on earth is the courier guy of your courier service partner (Shree Tirupathi courier service) trying to chat with me on whatsapp . He kept on sending inane messages till I found his name through truecaller and confronted him on whatsapp... He immediately changed his tune and said that he just wanted to see if I had received the box ... yeah right. Very disappointed with Nature co. Horrible experience.I tried contacting them on twitter but they conveniently ignored my tweets while posting their promos .Huge difference between the customer service of Fab bag and The Nature co.

Bad experience with it and based on just this one box I would not recommend it to anybody. The May post holiday blues gave me more blues. It remains to be seen after the next few boxes if I will be renewing my subscription or not.


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