7 Day Detox Diet Results

Woohoo 7 days of (modified) Jason Vale juice detox completed and now it's time for the results.
I lost only 1 kg which is less than the 2 kgs I expected to lose. But losing even 1 kg in 7 days is good. I could have lost more if I had exercised more. (duh...big surprise)

I lost 1 inch from my tummy and another 1 from the hips. My stomach isn't flat ...but it is flatter than before. I will continue to exercise and include juices in my diet more. Bring on more strawberry slushes...(homemade of course). I will continue with brisk walking for 45 minutes and to make sure I don't fall into the same old rut I will post my monthly updates.

                          Day 1                  Day 8 
Weight                54.8                    53.8

Note: I completed the diet for seven days and took my measurements on the eight day.


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