Strawberry slush

Here is the yummy strawberry slush which I eat on most nights when I crave sweets. It has no added sugar and no preservatives....and is low in calories and utterly yummy. Sorry for the pic. I didn't plan it ahead but made it just to satisfy my sweet craving....

It's very easy and quick to make.
Take 5-6 big juicy strawberries... clean and wash them and put them in a blender.
Add 2 trays of ice cubes....( I love ice... I love munching on ice....I love putting it on my skin... In case you don't love it so much or don't want so much ice you can reduce the quantity)
Blend it and put in a cup and have to your heart's content
Garnish with mint leaves if you have the patience.

This is how I make it ...but in case you find it too sour you can add half an apple to reduce the tartness
I don't add any sugar or apple and have it like it is...It is so refreshingly good and yummy . 

Update:It's been a month and I have not had tea or coffee and surprisingly I don't feel like I am missing out ...and I used to be crazy about black coffee.


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