New year old resolutions ?

Wish you a very happy New Year 2013!!!
No matter what culture you belong to, a New year is always a time to start afresh, leave the old behind and embrace the new.It is also the  time for  the ubiquitous New Year resolutions. One of the leading new year resolution is Fitness/ weight loss/ good health.
Let me share my journey with you into a fitter,slimmer and healthier me.

I plan to go on the Jason Vale 7 day juice detox starting from Jan 7 2013. Basically enough of fueling the body with stimulants like coffee, tea, sugar, and chocolates.......hmmmm chocolates... focus... focus now... good girl!
I plan to eat/drink healthy and feed more nutritious food into my system.
I also plan to re-introduce pranayam (deep breathing) in my daily schedule again.
Exercise: Brisk walking + jogging 45 minutes every day or every alternate day
You can check the information regarding this detox plan on the net. is the main website. 

More about the Plan (Worlds biggest juice detox)
It is a seven day plan where you feed your body nothing else but yummy nutritious fruit and vegetable juices.
You start your day with a warm water + lemon and have upto 7 juices in a day and I have read that most people find it difficult to take all the juices in a day.

I plan to modify the plan a little to suit me. I work full time and like any other city girl I spend a majority of my time commuting to and fro work.

This is how I plan to do the plan...
Morning- warm water + lemon juice  or amla juice shots.... amla (indian gosseberry) is extremely rich in vitamin c.It helps improve your immunity and gives you great skin,hair and nails. 
       What I have done in the past and what I plan on continuing is to have two (30 ml each) shots of amla juice and follow it up with a glass or two of warm water.

Lunch time: I am no saint and can't even think of drinking juices while my colleagues tuck into their yummy food so I plan to have one juice + 1 packet saffola masala oats and I plan to have a couple more yummy nutritious juices through out the day.

I will post the nutritional information regarding saffola masala oats later.One of them tastes exactly like maggi masala.

Not exact, not ideal but better than giving up the plan midway and succumbing to social pressure and ordering junk food and chocolates...hmm... chocolates...focus...focus.

This means no to stimulants
Junk food

and yes to
and lots and lots of ice and Oats( my modification)

And how much weight does this plan help you lose ? According to Jason Vale the average person might lose 7-14  lbs or 3- 6.5 kgs in a week.

I will weigh and measure myself on the Sun 6.1.13 or Mon 7.1.13- the day I start the plan and Saturday I will shop for all the fruits and vegetables required for the plan. I will keep you posted.


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